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Nevada Dental Sleep is your trusted Dental Sleep Center of Nevada.

Triple Board Certified Sleep Medicine Dentist in Nevada

Dr. Jerry Hu, DDS is triple board certified with three major sleep medicine accreditations. He has also been published numerous times in Peer-Reviewed Journals in Sleep Medicine as a Clinical Researcher and on the Faculty at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Trusted Dental Sleep Medicine Practice in Nevada

Our Nevada Dental Sleep practice is contracted with the Nevada Department of Labor, Department of Veteran Affairs -- VA for Veterans, Medicare, and we also verify all insurances for dental sleep medicine treatment.

Nevada Dental Sleep is your Trusted Dental Sleep Medicine Center in Nevada

At Nevada Dental Sleep, we use state of the art technology, with the latest "Green" technology Cone Beam 3D CT imaging for upper airway diagnostics, as well as screening tools, such as Eccovision, with Pharyngometry and Rhinometry, and Medit digital Oral Dental Scanning. For all of the Henderson and Las Vegas Valley Area, Effective Treatment Options for better, restful sleep are available to you. Call today!

Sleep Testing Options in the Las Vegas Valley

Using the latest technology, accurate testing gives accurate diagnosis. Our office works with Board Certified Sleep Physicians to obtain their Diagnosis and standing orders for dental sleep medicine treatment.

For those clients who have medical insurance, we use a professional medical insurance billing company that does all the work with verification of benefits (VOB) so that any out of pocket co-pays, deductibles, etc. are known before treatment begins. For those clients who don’t have medical insurance, our office also works with a cash fee.

Yes, children are often mis-diagnosed with behavior related disorders when the root cause is having sleep apnea at night. Not being able to cycle through proper sleep architecture night after night, this recurring problem when left untreated, will manifest into behavior issues, alertness, energy, and attention, affecting school performance, sports, memory, etc.

Yes, sleep bruxism along with all the forces that occur when the brain is trying to get a proper patent airway during sleep will cause ALL dental work (restorative, crowns, bridges, implants, veneers and smile makeovers) be vulnerable to fracture and/or severe wear night to night with untreated sleep apnea. As oxygen desaturates, sleep bruxism can occur and this is for both adults and children.

Yes, the evidence based literature linking strokes, heart attacks, congestive heart failure, and even high blood pressure (hypertension) are all linked to sleep apnea. Recovery and healing from treatment and/or surgery with cardiologists also are affected by whether sleep apnea is being addressed.  Effective treatment that addresses apnea load/apnea burden and mean disease alleviation can increase success of all treatment and procedures done at cardiologist centers and mostly, prolong life with better quality and stability.

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