Meet the Doctor

Dr. Hu


Founder of Nevada Dental Sleep, Triple Board Certified in Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr. Hu grew up in rural Alaska and attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, through the highly competitive Preferred Admissions program. Here he attained his combined Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees at age 24. He then went on to get multiple fellowships and masterships in implant and cosmetic dentistry.As he learned about how his own airway and sleep apnea issues were tied to his overall health and quality of life, Dr. Hu became aware that sleep breathing disorders are far too often overlooked, under-diagnosed and under-treated.  After losing over 100 pounds himself, as he addressed his sleep apnea issues, he became passionate about airway centric dentistry and airway treatment. He became one of only a handful of triple board certified sleep dentists in the world. He continued with his passion for airway treatment and spreading awareness. He became well known on the national and international lecture circuit, teaching dental sleep medicine and treatment options/modalities. He has been recognized by Dentistry Today, a national dental journal, for four years in a row as one of the leaders in CE for teaching dental sleep medicine. He has lectured throughout the world, and even during the Pandemic years of 2020-2022, he did vast numbers of webinars and virtual education. In 2022, he was appointed to be on the faculty of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), teaching the first combined inter-disciplinary curriculum for sleep medicine. He co-lectured with board certified cardiologists, sleep MDs, pulmonologists, etc. at MUSC.Dr. Hu has also been published in numerous peer reviewed journals in dental sleep medicine and dentistry. He is currently still involved with many clinical research projects. He is so excited to bring to the Henderson and Las Vegas Valley Area, cutting edge technology for sleep medicine and airway treatment options for the pediatric (children) population to geriatrics (seniors). Dr. Hu also holds 5 dental IP – innovations in sleep medicine and did a start up in Melbourne, Australia, called “O2&U”- Oxygen is Life. He is also passionate about “moving the needle” for airway/ sleep apnea awareness globally, and hopefully, to help improve lives through long-term effective therapies and treatment. There are so many co-morbidities, from cardiovascular issues, to  Alzheimer’s/Dementia, and even ADHD/ ODD in children, that Dr. Hu can make a difference in health improvement and treatment. During his down time, Dr. Hu loves hiking and mountain climbing. He loves going to the gym on a routine basis, and loves to spread healthy lifestyle awareness, nutrition, and exercise goals. To read more about Dr. Hu’s research and publications, visit his Alaska practice website: