The 4 Legs to a Table

Thinking about tables in general, we all know that having 4 legs or pillars provide minimal ideal support or buttressing for the table top.  Although it is possible to hold up the table top with 3 or 2 legs, the stability is far compromised when there are missing leg(s).  For total, whole body health, we can think of that concept like a well supported table top. The four pillars of complete health come from proper or ideal sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mental health.  All of these pillars are very much addressed and evaluated at Nevada Dental Sleep. 

We will begin with sleep first. Having quality, proper sleep is suppose to be one-third of our total lives. That means unfragmented, un-interrupted sound sleep is crucial. That also means at a total of 7.6-8 hours of sleep per night, every night of every week. Children need more hours of sleep. People with airway problems with their arousals, gasping, choking, snoring, etc, night to night, therefore, are not getting that proper sleep. Furthermore, if they have untreated sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS) with snoring, they are more likely to be at risk for systemic illnesses that end in early death. At Nevada Dental Sleep, our goal is to make all of our clients have proper, quality, restful sleep their bodies need and deserve. Through non-invasive treatment options proven in the literature, we provide care under the supervision of a triple board certified sleep dentist.

Next pillar is nutrition. There are so many potentially toxic, allergy inducing, and harmful ingredients in common foods nowadays. From preservatives to chemicals, to unhealthy protein food choices, our population is falling victim to the food industry. Additionally, when certain pharmaceuticals such as heavy use of antibiotics in farms or chemicals/ pesticides, etc. the toxins in our food affect our total health in so many ways. At Nevada Dental Sleep, we take nutrition and healthy eating seriously.  

The third pillar is exercise. There are many exercise plans, fitness centers and gyms for people to utilize. However, to be at our fullest potential when we exercise, we need to keep the other pillars strong and well inter-connected. At Nevada Dental Sleep, we discuss exercise options and will work with trainers who are clients specify to come up with an ideal lifestyle and plan to keep total health in line. Also, we recommend airway exercises from myofunctional therapy exercises to playing airway related musical instruments such as double winded and also didgeridoo. 

Finally, the fourth and equally important pillar, is mental health. It is important to also realize that many behavioral issues (insomnia, etc.), or other mental concerns such as depression and PTSD all have connection to untreated sleep apnea and airway problems. Part of attaining total health is, of course, looking at them and addressing them, knowing that sleep is such a great factor in treatment. At Nevada Dental Sleep, we often discuss meditation, mindfulness, refer to counseling, psychologists/ psychiatrists, etc. and we realize the importance of this pillar in total health. 

In summary, at Nevada Dental Sleep, our mission is to create the strongest support for our client’s total health. We aim to strengthen each leg and in the end, help create the upmost healthy lifestyle, immersed in happiness, excellent quality of life, and the ability to live to the fullest potential each and every day.